Anglish is a widely spoken language in the world of Traction Cities. It appears to be an evolved form of English, and is spoken by the inhabitants of towns and cities which once occupied the British Isles, such as London, Brighton, Wolverinehampton (formerly Wolverhampton) and Manchester. The population of the city of Anchorage also speak Anglish, due to the fact that the City originated from English-speaking America.

Other language which appear to have evolved from modern languages are Frankish (spoken in formerly French cities such as Marseilles, Paris, and Bordeaux-Mobile), New German (spoken in the cities of the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft), and other Asian languages spoken by the nations of the Anti Traction League.

Anglish is spoken throughout the traction world and is understood by characters from many different cities and backgrounds, possibly serving as the lingua franca of the traction world. The only other language which could also be considered a main language is Airsperanto, the language of the air trade.

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