Asia, also known as The Far East or The Orient is a landmass part of Afroeurasia, one of the three (arguably four) continents on Planet Earth.

Vaguely what Asia would look like from space

Before The Sixty Minute WarEdit

Before the war, Asia was home to a number of nations. Sometime in the future from now, anything from a decade to hundreds of years, the nation Greater China dominated this continent, most possibly annexing smaller contries around it.

The Black CenturiesEdit

The Sixty Minute War blew massive craters in the far East of Asia, creating a crater sea. The only Greater Chinese citizens who escape the brutal orbital attacks must have lived in the Himalyas which were not very populated and therefore targetted by weapons less.

Along with Africa, the first saplings of civilization started to sprout in Asia, particularly central Asia in the mountainous areas. The (presumably) most successful and largest mountain nation, called Shan Guo, came from these parts.

Asia And The Traction EraEdit

The Traction Era scared the inhabitant of the mountain nations of Asia, becoming the leading nations of the Anti-Traction League, starting around 1 TE when the nomad nations of Europe rose to power. When traction cities became popular around 400 TE during The Second Tration Boom, not all of Asia remained Anti-Tractionist.

It has been mentioned that cities exist in South-East Asia, and around the cratered far East of the continent. Around Indonesia a mini-traction boom started, lagging behind Europe's Third Traction Boom by some years, (possibly because of the ATL). Most cities from that region became raft cities, but possibly land cities existed around the far East and South-Eastern peninsula. However these probably died out or moved over Siberia into the main The Great Hunting Ground.

Asia was the centre of the Green Storm's war effort, being a good location to drive their forces into the Hunting Ground.

After The Traction EraEdit

When the last cities stopped running their engines and settled down around 1030 TE, a new era began, returning the world to the state it had been a thousand years ago. It's quite possible that the Asian nations helped the now static traction cities to set up.

After that it is unknown what happened in Asia; perhaps Shan Guo expanded into the old Hunting Ground, but it is not known.

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