Auric Godshawk was the last Scriven overlord of London. His daughter is Wavey Godshawk, and he is the grand father of Fever Crumb.


Auric Godshawk was killed in the Scriven Uprising when the skinners stormed the Scriven's Traction Fortress (The Barbican). He was found laughing and said that they would never be able to kill him. It is now known that this refers to his experiments on Fever Crumb and Cluny Morvish .

He originally thought of the idea of traction cities, but he never got to make it and the credit was instead given to Nicola Quercus|Nickolas Quirke

Auric Godshawk is still remembered by Londoners in Mortal Engines, and only a few Londoners believed that he thought of the idea of Traction Cities.


Little known to anyone, Auric had put a stalker brain with his memories inside baby Fever's head. Due to this, Fever Crumb sometimes remembered things she had never experienced. When a paper boy took some of her blood to be examined, they saw the stalker cells. He also put a similar device in Cluny Morvish's head while she was in London as a baby. It is unknown how the device works, although it seems to be some sort of a robotic hypnotism device (or a conciousness storer) that worked in a manner similar to that of a stalker's.

Based on what Dr Crumb had claimed, Auric was an amateur scientist or engineer, and he had a reasonable knowledge of how Old Tech functioned, due to his inventions. He passed much of his expertise on to Wavey, and she became a chief enginer (despite a sense of emotion).