Australia is a large island, or continent (it's current status is debated), with a variety of environments. The centre of Austrlia is dominated by a massive desert, it's North coast by tropical rainforests and it's Southern coast by more temperate woodlands.

Black Centuries & WarEdit

The Black Centuries and Sixty Minute War seem to have been fairly kind on Australia. Although no major civilizations sprung up in Australia, it is possible it was the first place to develop a new society.

The Traction EraEdit

During the Traction Era Australia was dominated by Anti-Tractionists. Sometime after the Third Traction Boom (circa 600 to 800 TE) Australia began to mobolize. It was quite a late comer, but the locals took happily to Municipal Darwinism. The Anti-Traction League had harbours on the North coast which were quickily eaten.

It still had strongholds in the Southern Blue Mountains, inaccesable to traction cities.

Known Australian Traction CitiesEdit



The Traction Codex

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