Bagman Creech is a member of the Skinner's Guild. He helped London gain its freedom from the tyrannical reign of the Scriven, and was a hero to the people of London for this reason.

Creech was one of the main Londoners to battle against the Scriven during the uprising. He was said to be a warhardened hero, risking his life to free the city. During the last fight, he went to the Brick Marsh and killed the last of the Scriven in London; He later felt that it wasn't a fair fight as the Scriven were defenceless, and that it wasn't the "rock and roll" that it was said to be. Over the following years, he and the other Skinners watched over London incase any Scriven had survived.

Fourteen years after the uprising, Bagman employs Charley Shallow as his assistant. By that time he has to walk with the aid of stick. He persues Fever Crumb to find out if she is a Scriven or not and follows her to the Brick Marsh, where he is shot and killed by Shrike using a Spring Gun. His death is seen by other Londoners as a sign of Fever being a scriven, so they try to kill her.