A satellite image of Scotland, showing major pre-war cities and roads.

Caledon, Caledonia or, in modern terms, Scotland is a modern day country part of the United Kingdom, Great Britain, in Europe. The country has a long history spanning from before the time of the romans and long after the Sixty Minute War.

Scotland, due to it's comparitevly low population to neighboring country of England, was mainly uneffected by direct nuclear, chemical or biological bombardment in the Sixty Minute War; however England suffered a great deal and the resulting nuclear clouds and plague-storms that drifted over must have had almost the same effect as if Scotland had indeed been heavily bombed.

The Black Centuries saw Scotland become an icey wasteland of savages and Nomad Empires. However, towards the end of the Black Centuries people began to settle down once again, and several Scottish cities were recolonized.

Pre-Traction and Early Traction EraEdit

Scotland was commonly known after the Sixty Minute War as Caledonia or Caledon; the latter is an incorrect corruption of the first which is an ancient name for the region. A small mountain range formed over roughly where the border between Scotland and England used to be, which made travel difficult; however, many adventurers came to the region for treasure hunting and even to run away from enemies; Scotland's isolation proved to be effective.

Several cities were re-established not far from original locations, or directly over the ruins of the old city. Glasgow, a small, grimy, industrial town was built right over the old city centre, while Edinburgh (known at the time as 'Dinburgh') was built a few miles away from the original site.

After London mobolized, Scottish cities were quick to follow; London's war with the Nomads took place around Scotland, and it seemed the towns would make a perfect snack for a return journey.

Late Traction EraEdit

Several Scottish cities mobolized; only two are known to have survived by the time of the Green Storm War. Edinburgh was described as being 'arty' (much like today's Edinburgh, which hosts the annual, world famous Edinburgh Festivel) and Glasgow, meanwhile is a polar opposite; a grimy, indutrial predator city.


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