Andringa was a young Movement captain who lived at the dawn of the Traction Era. He commanded the Movement's forces at the Battle of Three Dry Ships.

Appearance Edit

Not much is known of Captain Andringa's appearance, but it is implied that he is young and fairly good looking. Wavey Godshawk suggests him as a potential match for Fever Crumb during a party aboard London. He has curly hair and an "honest northern face."

Early life Edit

Andringa was presumably raised as a warrior during the Movement's various conquests in the North. He was serving aboard the Movement's capital fortress during the capture of London, where he met Fever Crumb for the first time.

The Battle of Three Dry Ships Edit

As the armies of the Northern Alliance pushed south to capture London, Andringa was sent by Quercus to hold the nomads at Three Dry Ships. He brought with him most of London's landships and infantry. His force was badly outnumbered, and he was instructed to fight a delaying action so that Quercus could move the new Traction City out of harm's way.

Andringa held off the Northern Alliance for the better part of a day, despite being badly wounded and sustaining heavy casualties. Fortunately, London itself took to the field just as Andringa's lines were broken, turning a rout into a Movement victory. The injured Captain was brought aboard London with the help of Fever Crumb, and he remained conscious just long enough to identify her as Gideon Crumb's daughter. Whether or not he recovered from his wounds is unknown.