Charley Shallow is a character who appears in Fever Crumb and Scrivener's Moon . He was a boy around eleven or twelve who worked at the Mott and Hoople Tavern in London.

Charley was frequently bossed around by tavern owner Ted Swiney, until he was sent to assist the former skinner Bagman Creech. Charley began to trust Bagman, for Bagman bought Charley a large stack pancakes (something he never ate at the tavern). Charley also helped Bagman and Master Wormtimber slip paper boys into Kit Solent's house, to find out if Fever Crumb is a Scriven. While Charley and Bagman crossed the Brick Marsh and Bagman tells of his life as a skinner, Charley starts wanting to be a skinner himself. Charley and Bagman then find Fever, and both attempt to kill her. When Bagman drops his gun, Charley takes it and chases Fever, until he nearly drowns in mud. Kit Solent then kills Bagman, and Charley decides he will avenge Bagman. He goes back into London and tells the citizens of Bagman's death, which eventually leads to a riot in London. At the climax of the story, Charley again chases Fever through the Marsh, points a Stalker-killing gun at her, and (accidentally) shoots her. Yet his shot did not kill Fever. Dr Crumb finds Charley and asks him what he did to Fever. Charley tells Crumb that he killed her, but Charley was sad about shooting her. Dr Crumb goes back into Godshawk's vault, and Charley follows him.

Charley again appears in Scrivener's Moon as a main character. He first uncovers the London Underground , a community going against the construction of Quercus' new city and also ensures the death of Wavey Godshawk. He then becomes the assistant to Dr Crumb (Fever's father) and it is assumed he probably took the position of Chief Engineer and later Lord Mayor , as he is mentioned 'as the most unpopular mayor of all time' in the mini-book Traction City .