Chrysler Peavy
Biographical Information

Spring, 1007, TE


Mayor of unnamed suburb, then Mayor of Tunbridge Wheels


Tom Natsworthy
Hester Shaw


Anna Fang

Physical Description


Behind the scenes

Mortal Engines

Chrysler Peavy is a character in Mortal Engines. He was the ruthless pirate mayor of the suburb Tunbridge Wheels, however, he secretly wanted to be respectable.


Chrysler Peavy was the mayor of a pirate town which was later eaten by Tunbridge Wheels. He used to stop to trade in the town of Strole, where he met Hester Shaw and Shrike. When his town was eaten, Peavy and his pirates take over Tunbridge Wheels and turn it into a pirate suburb. He also specialises Tunbridge Wheels by adding floatation devices. When Tom Natsworthy and Hester are taken aboard the suburb, Peavy plans to keep them as slaves. However, he finds out that Tom is a Londoner and asks Tom if he will help Turnbridge Wheels become a respectable town like London, to which Tom agrees after some persuasion from Hester. Peavy plans to have his town eat the town of Airhaven on the Black Island. As Tunbridge Wheels moves towards the black island, the suburb is attacked by Anna Fang in the Jenny Hanvier. However, the Jenny Haniver does only minor damage to Tunbridge Wheels, and the suburb continues on its journey. On its journey the suburb is distracted by fishing boats however, all but one is too quick for Tunbridge Wheels. The one that is chased leads the suburb into a trap; sharp rocks which sink Tunbridge Wheels. Peavy takes a boat with Tom and Hester to the Black Island, still intending to take over Airhaven, however he falls in the mud and drowns. His band of pirates are killed when Shrike arrives.