Chudleigh Pomeroy
Biographical Information

1026, TE


Historian, later Mayor of London

Physical Description


Behind the scenes

Mortal Engines
A Darkling Plain

Chudleigh Pomeroy is a character who appears in Mortal Engines and A Darkling Plain. He is a member of the Guild of Historians, and later becomes the Lord mayor of London. His name comes from the names of two towns local to Philip Reeve, namely Chudleigh and Berry Pomeroy.

He was the Deputy head Historian of London, and helped Katherine Valentine and Bevis Pod rebel against the Engineers. He, along with every Londoner, is presumed dead, until A Darkling Plain.

When Tom Natsworthy and his daughter Wren travel into London's wreck, Tom discovers that Chudleigh Pomeroy is now Lord Mayor of London, and that he survived MEDUSA by jumping into a fiberglass whale in the London Museum right before it went off.

Chudleigh Pomeroy dies before New London is completed.

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