David Wyatt

David Wyatt

David Wyatt is an illustraitor.


Davit Wyatt (Born 28 November 1968) is an English commercial artist. Born in Northampton, he was adopted and raised in West Sussex. As a child, he learnt to play the piano; however, his interest in reading and drawing combined into a love of comics.

At 16, he attended art college in Reading, and obtained his first work doing the occasional page for British comic 2000 AD. He signed on for a further year at college, but left just two weeks later.

Whilst having some menial jobs, he worked on his portfolio, practiced guitar and played in bands. He created the occasional cover commissions, but was just as keen to make a career in music. After an unsuccessful band tour of Scandinavia, he decided that the rock and roll lifestyle wasn’t for him, and moved to Dartmoor to concentrate on illustration.

Fever Crumb

Cover of Fever Crumb by David Wyatt

David has tried most media at some point (collage, acrylics, sculpture, thick paint, thin paint), but now mainly produce work on an Apple Mac. The Dartmoor landscape provides inspiration; otherwise his ideas come from everywhere - "watching a film, walking round Sydney Opera house, the dog pulling a stupid face; anything."

He has illustrated authors including J. R. R. Tolkien, Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett, Geraldine McCaughrean, Philip Pullman, Terry Deary and Brian Jacques. He has also worked on a number of album covers, computer games, beer labels and stamps.

He now live in Devon, in an ancient house in a graveyard, with an Australian and a Border Collie. He is a keen lutist, cyclist and wanderer of the moors.

Work with Philip ReeveEdit

David Wyatt is very well known for illustraiting the Larklight Trilogy by Philip Reeve. After that he re-did the covers of the Mortal Engines Quartet as well as Here Lies Arthur. Philip Reeve has also said that he has talked with David Wyatt about making a comic set in the World of Mortal Engines called The Haunted Sky. However, it is unknown if it will be publised or not.