Edinburgh is a Scottish Traction City. It is based on the modern day capital of Scotland.

Black CenturiesEdit

Edinburgh, being the second most populous city in Scotland and the head of Scottish administration and politics, was probably targeted by minor weapons, like conventional ballistic missiles.

During the Black Centuries, the ice sheets probably covered Edinburgh several times as the world cooled from the lack of sunlight for months at a time. By the time of Fever Crumb (around the 400s TE), Edinburgh had been rebuilt, a few miles South of the original site, as 'Dinburgh' (a corruption of 'Edinburgh').

Traction EraEdit

The Nomad Empires probably raided Dinburgh many times, due to it's vulnerable, Northern position. When London mobolized in circa 420 TE, Dinburgh was quick to follow; London was crusading against Nomad Empires in the North near Scotland, and Scottish static cities would make a nice return journey snack.

Dinburgh became a major, cultured, 'arty' city (a kind of land version of Brighton; if it had jaws is unknown, but it is presumed it did).

Dinburgh was around at the time of Agent 28, as her parents were from the city. If it survived the war, was eaten, or contributed to the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft is unknown.

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