Freya Italian2
On the Italian cover of Predator's Gold
Freya Rasmussen
Biographical Information
Family members

Dolly Rasmussen (ancestor)
Caul (husband)


Tom Natsworthy

Physical Description


Behind the scenes

Predator's Gold
Infernal Devices

Freya Rasmussen is the young margravine of Anchorage during the events of Predator's Gold, coming to power after the death of her parents by the plague. After having read Nimrod Pennyroyal's book, America the Beautiful - the Truth about the Dead Continent, she set Anchorage on course for the Dead Continent, only to find that the book was fictional and Pennyroyal was a fraud. Despite this, a habitable zone was found, where she had Anchorage settle and become a static settlement, Anchorage-in-Vineland. She then became a schoolteacher in the settlement, remaining single, despite her efforts with Caul, until years later, when the couple finally married.

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