Gargle was a Lost Boy who appeared in Predator's Gold and Infernal Devices.


Early lifeEdit

Gargle, like all Lost Boys, was kidnapped as a very young child and raised in Grimsby under the watchful eye of Uncle. An inept thief, he was often bullied by other boys, with Caul being a notable exception.

Predator's GoldEdit

Despite his lacklustre burglary skills, Gargle's intelligence was recognised by Uncle and he was assigned to spy on Anchorage alongside Caul and Skewer. In return for Caul's kindness, Gargle later freed him from hanging and supplied him with a map to the Dead Continent.

Infernal DevicesEdit

Gargle became Uncle's assistant, eventually taking control of Grimsby and the Lost Boys in all but name.

In 1025 TE he travelled to Anchorage with Remora and Fishcake with the intention of taking the Tin Book. He manipulated Wren Natsworthy into stealing it for him, but was fatally shot and killed by Hester Natsworthy before he could depart.