A young Naga by the wreck of the Traktiongrad shown in The Traction Codex
General Naga
Biographical Information

1026, TE


Green Storm General

Family members

Oenone Zero (wife)


Stalker Fang

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Behind the scenes

Infernal Devices
A Darkling Plain

General Naga was an important character in the third and fourth books. He was a general in the Green Storm. As his legs were too weak, he had to walk around in an exo-suit in order to walk, which was made by the ressurection corps. He finally dies when he flies The Fury into the mouth of HarrowBarrow blowing up the suburb and saving New London. Naga is thought of as a formidable yet honourable opponent. One example of this is when he gave armour to Kriegmarshal Von Kobald after the leader of Murnau was hit by a Green Storm sniper. He also releases any prisoners captured and has rarely used tumblers since his command started.

Before Mortal EnginesEdit

General Naga was known to be born somewhere in southern China where he hunted duck in China `s atomic craters. He then joined the anti-tractionist garrison at Batmunkh Gompa for training. He also briefly fell in love with Sathya . But its most likely that she didn`t notice.

Mortal EnginesEdit

Naga was present at Batmunkh Gompa at the night of MEDUSA. He did survive to see London's fate.

Predators Gold Edit

Naga joined the Green Storm some time after MEDUSA and was posted to Rouges Roost. He managed to survive the Lost Boys attack on the fort and was posted by the Stalker Fang to be commander of the Storms' elite air force.

Infernal DevicesEdit

He Helps the Green Storm assault Brighton but is doubtful of the Stalker Fang's motivations as it ignores many traction and raft cities such as Benghazi or Brighton and instead focuses many forces to protect Cloud 9,sacrificing many lives.He is present on Cloud 9 and,as Wren Natsworthy recalls,orders his troops to treat prisoners well. Later, after the assault he commendates Oenone Zero for killing the Stalker Fang and marries her,with her name changing to Lady Naga.

A Darkling Plain Edit

After the Battle of Brighton, Naga returned to Shan Guo hastily to claim command of the Green Storm in the supposedly permanent absence of the Stalker Fang.Directed by Oenone Zero,his wife, he creates radical reform of the Green Storm and pushes the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft back into the Great Hunting Ground. However,Lady Naga,whom he loved heavily, convince him to create a truce, much to the dismay and anger of those still loyal to the Stalker Fang, who then planned to assassinate Lady Naga. Lady Naga, who does not love Naga but sees him as a friend,heads towards Zagwa to reestablish an alliance with the African states. However, Rohni, a supposedly deaf girl given to Lady Naga by General Dzhu (A strong follower of the Stalker Fang) is an agent called Cynthia Twite and destroyed the airship she is on.Cynthia then returned to Shan Guo to tell General Naga of her death. Stricken with grief and poisoned by Cynthia, Naga did nothing as the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft broke the truce.