Godshawks head

Godshawks Head

Summary Edit

Godshawk's head is the giant statue of Auric Godshawk's head. The giant statue was never completed, as the Scriven Uprising meant the end of the Scriven in London. It was the home of the Order of Engineers for some time. Just before Nicola Quercus took over London, it was burnt down and it rolled off its foundations.

Structure Edit

The entrance into the building is through a flight of stairs leading up the head's left nostril, as the architect that designed the statue depicted the lips being firmly closed. Just outside the head is a Wind Tram station that fever uses when she leaves Godshawk's head to meet Kit Solent.

Surrounding the head is a high fence connected to a high current power source in the basement that the engineers had installed to defend the premises following the Skinners' Riots that ravaged London. It is turned on when a mob attacks the head demanding that they turn Fever Crumb over.

Fever Crumb Edit

Godshawk's Head served as the residence of Fever Crumb for many years until London was plunged into war.

Known inhabitantsEdit

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