The Guild of Historians is one of London's four main guilds. This Guild is responsible for collecting Old-Tech and other items surviving from the Sixty Minute War.


Early Tractionist LondonEdit

When London was first set aforth as a Traction City by Nicola Quercus, the Guild of Historians was likely to have been created. It is unknown if the Guild of Historians existed at the time of Fever Crumb.

MEDUSA and the Rebel Against the EngineersEdit

The Guild of Historians became one of London's four primary Guilds, this one being considered the least important. The Guild was led by Thaddeus Valentine at this time, to the dismay of other historians. They also disliked the Guild of Engineers. When MEDUSA was activated, the Historians declared war on the Guild of Engineers. This led to a battle in the London Museum, killing many Historians. Right before MEDUSA explodes, the Historians realize that they won, seeing that the stalkers shut down. Most of the Historians were killed when London was destroyed, but then a historian named Chudleigh Pomeroy became Lord Mayor of the surviving Londoners.


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