Hamsterdam was a town that was founded sometime in the Black Centuries, presumably built atop the ruins of Amsterdam due to it's name and location on the official map. During the early Traction Era it became a powerful city and a fierce competetor with the likes of Paris, London and Bremen.

Hamsterdam's location on the official map.

It is not mentioned in the Mortal Engines Quartet. Some theories point to other cities which adopted knew names, completely different from what they must have previously been (e.g Cidado de Roda, meaning 'city on the move' in Portuguese), perhaps Hamsterdamn, after going traction, adopted a new name.

It could have been it was devoured by another city during the space between Fever Crumb and Mortal Engines. Maybe it stayed static, and was eaten that way.

The most likely fate it suffered was it became a traction city and was destroyed in the Wheeled War, a period of time not long after London mobolized and the cities fought each other, before adopting Municipal Darwinism.

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