Hill 60 is a location in the World Of Mortal Engines, and is referred to in Mortal Engines, Fever Crumb and Scrivener's Moon. In Mortal Engines, Shrike remembers Hill 60 and the Lazarus Brigade. In Fever Crumb towards the end, Shrike is found standing in the Brick Marsh and when found by guards one says he will be sent to fight at Hill 60.

Hill 60 starts under London's control in Fever Crumb before being taken by The Movement and then being held by them in the following battles over the next two years. Hill 60 remains under Movement control until Rufus Raven betrays Nicola Quercus|Quercus and sides with the Northern Alliance. The hill was presumably reclaimed by London sometime after the Battle of Three Dry Ships.

Hill 60 is presumed to be one of the numerous oil well sites in the Fuel Country. This, combined with the strategic advantage its summit provides, makes it a highly sought-after objective by all sides.

Prior to the events of Scrivener's Moon, the Archangelsk and The Movement fought a long series of battles for control of the hill. Doran Morvish, the older brother of Cluny Morvish, was killed there.