Huntsmen are people who are emplyoed to hunt. They can be mercinaries, bounty hunters or assasins. Shrike was a bounty hunter during the traction era before becoming a assasin for Magnus Crome. The mercenaries of Arkangel pay people to tell them where prey is. When they find them they capture the town and make it wait for Arkangel to come or even force it to drive straight into Arkangels mouth. Other cities have mercinaries working for them as well. During the Scriven Uprising, members of the Skinner's Guild such as Bagman Creech would kill Scriven in grousome ways. The Skinner's Guild was still active till the days of Fever Crumb out of the fear that some of the Scriven would still be alive. Previously to the Scriven Uprising, the Suomi Mercenaries defended the Scriven. However, the Londoners defeated them. In the upcoming Mortal Engines comic a man is shown to be hunting Anna Fang. However, it is unknown if the comic will be released. Hester Shaw proceeds to kill the Huntsmen of Arkangel. She then terminates Piotr Masgard with extreme prejudice.

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