Janny Mags
Biographical Information

1007, TE


Councillor of Tunbridge Wheels

Physical Description


Behind the scenes

Mortal Engines

Janny Mags was a woman, who was one of the councillors of Tunbridge Wheels. And served Chrysler Peavy, the mayor of Tunbridge Wheels, she helped in the capture of Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw and followed Peavey's every word. But Janny started to go against Peavey because of his kindness to Tom and Hester, though Janny still was obedient to Peavey stopping the drowning slaves, and some other pirates from getting into Peavey's boat by shooting them with her machine gun. However after Peavey fails to catch airhaven, Janny along with another pirate called Mungo, and the navigator of Tunbridge called Mr Ames, mutiny against Peavey, killing him. The mutinous pirates then try to kill Tom and Hester, but are killed by the stalker Shrike.

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