The Jenny Haniver is the name of the main airship featured in the Mortal Engines Quartet. She is a small cargo airship with a crimson envelope.

Originally built by Anna Fang, the Jenny would fall out of her hands and be inherited by Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw up until its destruction. It was followed by Jenny Haniver II.


Anna Fang built the airship when she was a slave in the junkyards of Arkangel, sneaking away bits and pieces and eventually assembling it in full. When the airship was complete, she escaped in it and began her life as an Anti-Tractionist spy, using her cover as a trader to spy on Traction Cities.

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When Fang is killed at the end of Mortal Engines, Tom and Hester "inherit" the Jenny, and start their own lives as traders, but not before Tom disables the gun turrents; as he does not want it to be used for violence after the 13th Floor Elevator was shot down. The Haniver is damaged during a chase with the Green Storm and they have to land in Anchorage to repair it. When it was fixed, Hester flew it back to Arkangel where Blinkoe drugs Hester and takes her and the Jenny Haniver to Rogue's Roost. Tom and Hester manage to steal it back during the chaos of the Lost Boys' attack. Later in Predator's Gold, the Jenny is stolen by Nimrod Pennyroyal at the climax of the book.

Pennyroyal later becomes the mayor of Brighton, and the Jenny Haniver (now renamed the Arctic Roll, presumably to avoid attention from the Green Storm) is put on display as the ship he escaped from the Arctic in. At the climax of Infernal Devices, Tom and Hester steal it back and escape the city in it. It then become a trading airship for Tom and his daughter Wren, and is used as their means of conveyance in the final book, A Darkling Plain. As they approach their final battle, they are attacked by Stalker birds, and the Jenny explodes and crashes.

Armament and EnginesEdit

The Jenny had souped up engines, and rocket defence pods. It was considerably faster and more maneuverable than it looked, as is proved in Predator's Gold when it escapes from Green Storm airships by flying through a traction city. The rocket pods remain empty after Mortal Engines, as Tom Natsworthy morally refuses to use them. The rocket pods are filled up by Pennyroyal after he steals the Jenny at the end of Predator's Gold. These rockets allow Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw to escape Brighton near the end of Infernal Devices.