Karl Anders was chief of police for 27 years on a little town called Hammershoi, which was chased for fifteen minutes by London before being eaten. When the town was being eaten, some tier supports gave way his wife and daughter, Lise and Minna, were killed in the collapse. For the next 3 years, he was a police sergeant on the Base Tier of London, stationed at Airdock Green Police station, with the surrounding area being generally uneventful. After a string of murders in which the right hands were removed from the bodies, a witness  to one of the events, an orphan boy called Smiff, alerted Anders. At the time, a young Anna Fang was being held for possession of an explosive device, being identified as an anti-tractionist. The culprit was found to be a Stalker known as The Collector. Eventually, Anders managed to use Fang's explosive to destroy The Collector. Knowing she was an anti-tractionist, Anders directed Anna to the Anti-Traction League, allowing her to escape. He then allowed Smiff to stay at the police station in order to help out.