Katherine Valentine
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Family members

Thaddeus Valentine (father)
Nuria Zinadan (mother)
Hester Shaw (half-sister)

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Behind the scenes

Mortal Engines

Katherine Valentine was the daughter of Thaddeus Valentine and the half-sister of Hester Shaw. She had a pet wolf called Dog.

She appeared in the first book where she was overlooking Salthook being digested. Tom Natsworthy sees her and instantly falls in love with her. She is his motivation throughout the novel.

Meanwhile, Katherine receives a mysterious letter about what happened in the gut the night Hester Shaw attempted to kill Valentine. At first she is doubtful, then she goes down to the forth tier to see who it was. She meets Bevis Pod who tells her that Hester Shaw did not drag Tom over with her, as Katherine was told by her father, but that he instead stood there, looking quite surprised. Because of smoke he couldn't see anything that happened next, and he ran back to his work, because he was not supposed to have left it. Katherine and Bevis then try to identify what really happened, eventually learning that her father, Valentine, had pushed Tom out after Hester; in the meantime, Katherine and Bevis fall in love with each other.

After MEDUSA destroys Panzerstadt-Bayreuth, Katherine discovers that her father murdered Pandora and David Shaw (Hester's parents) when doctor Arkengarth confirms that MEDUSA was brought to London by Valentine around the same time they were killed. Katherine later saves Hester's life by jumping in front of her while Valentine attempts to stab Hester, and lands on the keyboard of MEDUSA feeding it incorrect co-ordinates, causing it to explode. She spends her last moments in her father's arms, and her corpse is destroyed in the explosion of MEDUSA with Valentine and London.

She is occasionally mentioned in the rest of the series, most notably when Tom describes his daughter, Wren Natsworthy, as being like Katherine.

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