A Landship was a large wheeled or tracked vehicle, driven by coal or oil, widely used during the time of Fever Crumb. Landships were distinguished from other vehicles in use during this time, such as land-barges and campavans, by their large size, heavy armour and armament, and slower speed. Their primary purpose was combat, although they were also used for transportation on some occasions. The Nomad Empires employed entire armadas of landships in their wars, and they were widely used during the Northern War. Landships fell out of use sometime after the start of the Traction Era, as they were no match for the power of Traction Cities. However, when it was first rebuilt as a Traction City, London was designed to carry a complement of landships in special hangars in its gut.

Landships are not to be confused with sand ships, which were smaller, lighter, wind-driven vehicles in use in desert regions during the Traction Era .