This is a list of traction cities which do not appear prominently enough in the books to merit their own article.

Benghazi Edit

Benghazi was a nine-tiered Traction City that roamed the deserts in the northern-half of Africa. It originated from Libya. The city was one of many to migrate to celebrate the Thin Moon Festival. During the Green Storms attack on Brighton, Benghazi and Kom Ombo were attacked by tumblers. It is unknown if they were destroyed.

Bordeaux-Mobile Edit

Bordeaux-Mobile was a Traction City. It specialised in winemaking: the upper tiers were covered in vineyards, and in the lower tiers lay the great treading, fermenting and bottling bays.

Bremen Edit

Bremen was a German-speaking city and a member of the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft. It was one of the first traction cities, and was a fierce competitor with London along with Paris and Hamsterdam before the Second Traction Boom.

Cairo Edit

Cairo was an Egyptian desert-city, roaming across the northern-half of Africa. It was designed like a pyramid, with a noseless Sphinx on the bow, and had an extensive pipe network that was used when hunting in rainy regions to the far south. Fishcake reassembled the Stalker Fang while hiding in the pipes, scavenging parts from the souks of the lower level.

Chidanagaram Edit

Chidanagaram was an Indian Traction City that roamed the southern end of India.

Cittamotore Edit

Cittamotore was a Traction City that was described as the fastest city ever; houses were jammed in between pistons and drive shafts, as the engine district took up 90% of the city's bulk. It was eaten by London around the late 900s TE, after running out of fuel.

Dun Laoghaire Edit

Dun Laoghaire is a raft city. It is the home city of Orla Twombley, who escaped it after her her parents wanted her to take on the family business and get married.


Edinburgh Edit

Edinburgh was a Traction city from Caledon. Around 400 TE, Edinburgh had been rebuilt, a few miles south of the original site, as Dinburgh. When London mobilized in circa 420 TE, Dinburgh was quick to follow.

It became known as a major 'arty' city. It was still mobile, having reverted to its original name, as of Cynthia Twite's parents' migration to Shan Guo.

Gorky Edit

Gutak Edit

Itzal Edit

Jaegerstadt Ulm Edit

Jagstadt Magdeburg Edit

Juggernautpur Edit

Kom Ombo Edit

Kom Ombo was a nine-tiered Egyptian Traction City, roaming the Sahara desert. It was one of many cities celebrating the Thin Moon Festival at the time of the Battle of Brighton, where it came under attack from tumblers alongside Benghazi. It appears to have survived, as Tom Natsworthy and Theo Ngoni subsequently visited it.

Marseilles Edit

Marseilles was a Frankish-speaking raft city which was sunk by Anti-Tractionist agent Anna Fang prior to 1007 TE. The city had planned to invade the Hundred Islands in the Pacific Ocean to exploit the islands' resources and labour.

Milan Edit

Moloch-Maschinenstadt Edit

Moloch-Maschinenstadt was a German-speaking member of the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft. Communication with it was lost when the TSGS was struck by ODIN, and it may have been destroyed in the attack.

Motoropolis Edit

Motoropolis was a Traction City that roamed the central Hunting Ground, until it ran out of fuel and was abandoned by its inhabitants. It was observed being devoured by scavenger towns by the crew of the Jenny Haniver during the events of Mortal Engines.

Novaya-Nizhni Edit

Novaya-Nizhni was a three tiered Slavic-speaking city which roamed the northern Ice Wastes around the events of Predator's Gold. While pursued by three Green Storm Murasaki Fox Spirits, Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw attempted to gain permission to land at Novaya-Nizhni's air harbour. However, the Harbour Board denied them sanctuary since they did not want conflict with the Green Storm. In the ensuing pursuit, one of the Fox Spirits collided with a cluster of pillars and elevator shafts, killing the crew onboard.

Omsk Edit

Omsk was a Russian-speaking Traction City, originating from southwestern Siberia. The city was one of many cities to be destroyed by the Green Storm during the Green Storm WarGeneral Jiang Xiang Naga lost the use of his legs in the air-seige of Omsk.

Panzerstadt-Breslau Edit

Panzerstadt-Breslau is a German-speaking city featured in A Darkling Plain. It is part of the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft. Breslau is also a real German city, most likely destroyed by ODIN along with 12 of the TSGS.

Panzerstadt-Koblenz Edit

Panzerstadt Koblenz was a German-speaking city and a member of the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft. It is based on a real city called Koblenz. During the final battle of the Green Storm War, the great traction city was destroyed by ODIN.

Panzerstadt-Linz Edit

Panzerstadt-Linz was a Traction City that appears in A Darkling Plain. It was part of the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft orginization. It was destroyed by ODIN. The tractionists blamed it's destruction (and other cities as well) on the Green Storm, as they didn't know that the Stalker Fang was controlling ODIN.

Panzerstadt-Winterthur Edit

Panzerstadt Winterthur was a city that is part of the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft. It originated from Switzerland, and it was first seen in A Darkling Plain when it was on sentry duty. Its mayor was Von Newmann.

The Green Storm destroyed the city during the final battle of the Green Storm War.

Perfume Harbour Edit

Perfume Harbour is a raft city that sails the oceans. The city is oriental in origin; it may be based on Hong Kong, whose name translates to "fragrant harbour".

It is the site of the Green Storm's attack on the Cygnet Committee during the time Orla Twombley was working aboard the airship.

Perfume Harbour also appeared in the opening of the Mortal Engines comic The Haunted Sky, where Anna Fang and other aviators from around the world gather there for an airship race.

Prague Edit

Puerto Angeles Edit

Puerto Angeles was a raft city, on which Katherine Valentine lived with her mother, prior to her mother's death and Katherine's subsequent move to London.

It is described as being a fishing city, and it is not known if it has jaws or not.

Quirke-le-Dieu Edit

Reykjavík Edit

Reykjavík is a raft city that was mentioned in Predator's Gold.

San Juan de los Motores Edit

St Jean les Quatre-Mille Chevaux Edit

Stamboul Edit

Venice Edit

Venice is a raft city. It is known to be a resort city and is probably like Brighton.

Zanzibar Edit

Zanzibar roams the harsh deserts of northern Africa chasing unsuspecting prey such as the smaller cities.

Zeesdadt Gdansk Edit

Zeesdadt Gdansk is a raft city.