For the 'suburb' of London, see New London.

London is a recurring city throughout the Mortal Engines Quartet and the Fever Crumb Series.


Black CenturiesEdit

London was a large and powerful city before the Sixty Minute War, but during the Black Centuries became a hell-hole; generally people avoided it due to it being devastated by orbital weapons. However, after the black centuries ended, and possibly as much a few couple of centuries before the Traction Era, London was reinhabited and became a city of trade, learning and politics.

It was conquered by the Scriven not long before the Traction Era started; their captiol fortress, The Barbican was pulled by mammoths and slaves across the Northern Wastes. They ruled London for a hundred years or thereabouts, but were kicked out during the Scriven Uprising.

Early Traction EraEdit

After Nikola Quercus conquered the city with his Nomad Empire, called The Movement, he converted London into a colossal mobile construct. This sparked the Second Traction Boom in which many cities began 'mobilizing'. In the ensuing war London eliminated the remaining nomadic empires of the North. 

London was the first true traction city in the world, and started the Second (and arguably Third) Traction Boom, in which major cities went Traction. London was a renowned predator city, eating hundreds of smaller statics and traction towns alike. 

London was  a feared predator city in the golden days of Municipal Darwinism and had several suburbs to carry her excess population and preform hunting. The most famous was Crawley, although there were more, and New London was a modified version of the basic design. Other suburbs included Purley Spokes and Tunbridge Wheels.

Later Traction Era (events of the Quartet)Edit

Many hundreds of years after the golden age, London tried to use an old directed-energy 

Traction City London Sketch by Patty1234

A fan made drawing of London

superweapon named MEDUSA to break through the shield wall at Batmunkh Gompa. The computer brain was tampered with by Katherine Valentine and the weapon backfired, destroying London. Many believed that the ruins of London were haunted, until this was confirmed as not true in A Darkling Plain, the final book in the Mortal Engines Quartet.

London was eventually rebuilt as the hovering New London.


An illustration of London by Philip Reeve

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