The London Museum was a museum, that was the property of the Traction city London Guild of Historians. But when Magnus Crome and the Guild of Engineers took London east, bit by bit the London Museum exhibits got burned to fuel London. The tensions between the Guild of Engineers and the Guild of Historians, as well as the fact that the Guild of Historians were sheltering Bevis Pod, a on the run Engineer lead to a battle between the Guild of Engineers and the Guild of Historians. The Guild of Historians because of suprise were winning, until the Guild of Engineers called in reinforcements, which took the form of stalkers, and Engineers armed with machine guns. The Guild of Engineers had killed off nearly all the Historians except Chudleigh Pomeroy the acting head historian, and Clytie Potts a young historan when Medusa went off. Medusa killed every single person who hadn't jumped to safety in the case of Chudleigh Pomeroy and Clytie Potts, or who hadn't been in the deep gut the zone where London dismantled its prey. Medusa also was responsible for the death of Thaddeus Valentine, the actual head historian, who didn't die directly from Medusa but was engulfed in the fires casued by Medusa.