A PC game based on the Mortal Engines Quartet has been proposed and discussed by various fans, but never by an actual game studio.

Proposed GameplayEdit

The most popular ideas seemed to be an MMORPG; in which hundreds of players are in one server across a huge map at any one time. Whether players should be restricted to building a city or be able to free roam and have a choice in the matter seems to split the discussions somewhat.

Other gameplay genres could include:

  • Adventure game which follows a storyline from the books
  • Text-based adventure; would be free and fanmade
  • RPG in singleplayer
  • RTS/TBS (realtime or turn based, like a board game)
  • Mission based game.

Proposed MechanicsEdit

  • AI cities; predefined or randomly generated
  • Random terrain
  • Random events
  • NPCs


The main bulk of the ideas have so far come from deviantART, but as of yet nobody has assembled a team to make the game, possibly because Peter Jackson could be sitting on the rights for the franchise (though this is still unconfirmed).

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