Nabiasco Skhin was a ruthless and ambitious slave trader who ruled the huge and rich "Skhin cooparation".He lived on Brighton and had a grudge against Nimrod Pennyroyal.He met Wren Natsworthy and she tricked him into letting her work for Pennroyal.He tried to use a Old-Tech Trader to get the Tin Book of Anchorage,but the trader was killed by a Myseterious Black Shadow.He also uses Fishcake to try and learn the location of Grimsby;the Lost Boy's hideout. When His previous attempt to get the Tin Book failed,Skhin used Wren and her friend,Theo Ngoni to try and get it.Theo killed The Shadow,which was a Stalker Bird,but Pennyroyal intervenes before they can get the tin book.However,thinking they were getting it for him,appaises them.Meanwhile,Cloud 9,Pennyroyal's Palace,is under attack by the Green Storm, led by the Stalker Fang.Nabiasco Skhin is preparing Pennyroyal's air yacht to escape.Pennyroyal,Theo and Wren try to get onboard,but Skhin shoots Pennyroyal(unsuccessfully),attemting to kill him,promting Wren to give him the Tin Book.Skhin flys away,but realizes that Wren did not give him the Book at all.However,is anger does not can't last,as Stalker Birds attack the Yacht,throwing Skhin off the edge,where he dies.


Skhin is shown to have little to no regard for anybody's life but his own.When he meets a stranger with a dog who is about to starve he suggests dryly that the the man should"eat the dog".He uses a Old-tech trader and Theo and Wren as expandable lives to get him the tin book.Everybody in Brighton fears him.He rarely reveals his true emotions,however,when he falls to his death,Philip Reeve says:"Nabiasco Skhin rarely lets his emotions show..."but"...he screamed all the way down."

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