New London is a suburb of London, appearing in A Darkling Plain. It is a type of Traction City and Airship, but it has no jaws or wheels, for it is peaceful and is meant to hover by using magnetic levitation.


Mortal EnginesEdit

New London was originally built by the Mag-Lev Engineers inside the gut of the traction city London during Mortal Engines, known as Experimental Suburb L/M 1. Its creator, Lavina Childermass, tried to keep funding for the work on the suburb, but Lord Mayor Magnus Crome believed that the superweapon MEDUSA was a better solution. Crome then diverted the fundings for New London to fund MEDUSA. The suburb survived when MEDUSA destroyed most of London.

A Darkling PlainEdit

New London's building continued, inside a surviving piece of London's gut. Wren Natsworthy and Wolf Kobold discovered New London while wandering the debris field. After Lavina Childermass tells them about the suburb, Wolf Kobold runs from London's wreck to go back to his suburb Harrowbarrow with the intention of having his town eat New London. Work on New London goes faster knowing of Wolf's plan. New London's engines are tested, but they fail. Tom Natsworthy decides to go to Batmunkh Gompa and ask the Green Storm's leader, General Naga not to turn ODIN onto New London as it leaves the debris fields. Naga believing that New London is actually a secret weapon and that Tom is lying, throws Tom in jail, reuniting him with Hester Natsworthy. However, Naga and the Green storm come to London's wreck (believing they are the ones controlling ODIN, when the Stalker Anna Fang was). They found New London, and Naga agreed to help the Londoners get away from Harrowbarrow. The Londoners tested the suburb again, and it worked. As Harrowbarrow chased New London, Wren and Theo Ngoni battle Wolf on top of Harrowbarrow. Once Wolf is killed, Naga drives his airship into Harrowbarrow and destroys it and himself, saving New London. In Wren's letter to her friend Angie at the end of the series, she states that she and Theo are now citizens of New London.

It is unknown what became of New London after that. However, it is implied that Childermass' magnetic levitation technology would survive and continue to be used for centuries to come.

New Londoners (Known)Edit