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Nicola Quercus
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441, TE


512, TE

Also known as

Nikolas Quirke
Nicholas Quirke


Land Admiral in The Movement, Mayor of London

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Behind the scenes

Fever Crumb
Scrivener's Moon

Nicola Quercus is a Northern Nomad who holds the rank of Land Admiral in the organisation called The Movement. He appears in the Fever Crumb Series. He is remembered in the time of the Mortal Engines Quartet, regarded as a God (by the name of Nicholas Quirke) and . Many people believe Quirke to have discovered the idea of traction cities, when in reality Auric Godshawk did.


Nothing is really known about Quercus' early life.


A painting of Quercus overseeing the rebuilding of London by Walmart Strange

Fever CrumbEdit

Quercus first appeared in Fever Crumb. Before he came to London, he was Land Admiral of The Movement. When Fever's Hot Air Balloon landed amongst The Movement's traction fortresses, she was taken to meet Quercus. He told the movement that they were to take over London, which they promptly moved south to do. When they arrive in London Qurcus declared that London now belonged to the Movement. Ted Swiney, then mayor of London, objected to this; the two entered a fight to determine who would rule the city. Ted tried to have Quercus crushed by a barrel, but this resulted in Ted being crushed instead. The people of London instantly began cheering for Quercus.

Scrivener's MoonEdit

In the events of Scrivener's Moon Quercus began his work to transform London into the very first Traction City. During this time many of his Nomad Enemies formed alliances and made plots in order to overthrow him and take his resources. In the last battle of the Nomad Wars the enemy Nomads led a legion of traction fortresses, armoured hairyphants and stalkers against a newly tractionist London. Despite the Nomads' efforts, they were defeated and their strongholds in the North were eaten by London before the newly mobilized city moved south again to find more food.


Quercus is effectively responsible for the entire Traction era, as he created the first Traction City and thus prompted others to follow suit. He is worshipped as a God by tractionists for this reason, and has his own festival, Quirkemas, a parody of christmas.



The name Nicola Quercus may be a reference to the eccentric American inventor Nikola Tesla.