The Northern Nomad Wars was a great war fought over a thousand years before the events of the Mortal Engines Quartet. The war ended during the dawning years of the traction era. The War is much the focus of the Fever Crumb Series.


The Northern Nomad Wars had been going on for many years. Those in the south lived in fear that the armies of the North would come south and invade their own lands. This did happen as the barbaric hordes came South to conquer the Southern lands (one example of this is the Scriven taking over London). The southern places often let them take over. However, eventually they would rise up against them or the Nomads would be forced to move on (such as the Scriven Uprising).

Weapondry and ForcesEdit

The Northern Nomads harnessed the deadly power of Old Tech. The Nomads are the first people to resurrect people for use in battle, were as before-hand they were used for peaceful purposes.The Northern Nomads also built their own deadly weapons from Old-Tech. They may have found the weapons or built them using pieces of Old-Tech or both. Shrike remembers that the Northern Nomads had terrible tesla gun that apparently were like "iced lightning". The traction fortresses that the Nomads used made them formidable foes and hard to defeat. These fortresses are seen as early versions of traction cities. The Northern Nomads also saddled up hairyphants and rode them to war.

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