Odo Bolventor was a Scriven lord who lived in London prior to the events of Fever Crumb. He called himself "Margrave of Thurrock," but it is unknown if this title had any real significance.

Bolventor was chosen as a possible husband to Wavey Godshawk. Auric Godshawk needed an heir, and Bolventor needed the dowry that Wavey could provide. He was said to be broke, despite his title.

At a party at Nonesuch House, Bolventor asked Wavey about the rumors that she had been born without any natural Scriven markings. When she admitted this was true, he rejected her, calling her "as ugly as a boiled fish." Wavy's newfound vulnerability over his rejection contributed to her beginning a love affair with Gideon Crumb.

Bolventor's eventual fate is unknown, but he presumably perished in the Skinner's Riots along with the rest of the Scriven in London.