Orme Wreyland is the Mayor of the traction town Speedwell.


Mortal EnginesEdit

Orme Wreyland was first seen in the Out-Country with his town Speedwell. Its inhabitants were in the act of scavenging through one of London's spoil-heaps. He welcomed Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw to his town, giving them food and shelter in exchange for Tom's seedy. Wreyland was not as kind as he seemed though; he drugged their food and revealed that he planned to sell the pair as slaves at a nearby trading cluster, using the money for spare parts. Upon arrival, Tom and Hester escaped to an airman's cafe on the market town of Stayns, pursued by Wreyland and his armed crew. Wreyland humorously mispronounced Tom's last name as "Nitsworthy" the entire time. Leaving the rest of his men behind, he managed to corner the Tom and Hester at the airship docks. He was caught off-guard in a surprise attack by Hester, who proceeded to nearly kill him with a metal lever. Wreyland was saved by Tom and Anna Fang, who persuaded Hester not to kill him.

Wreyland's fate is left unknown beyond this point.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wreyland is a tall, shabby, white-bearded old man. He wears grubby brown robes, and is generally not very mayor-like[1].


Orme Wreyland is married to Mrs. Wreyland. They have a very large family; as Tom observes, "the shabby old man seemed to rule over a town composed mainly of his own family; sons and daughters, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and the husbands and wives they had met on passing towns"[1].

Portrayal in Adaptations Edit

Orme Wreyland is portrayed by New Zealand-Australian actor Mark Hadlow in the 2018 film adaptation of Mortal Engines.

Trivia Edit

One of Wreyland's crew on Speedwell is named Fred[1].


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