Orme Wreyland  is the mayor of Speedwell,a traction town.While Tom and Hester were trying to locate London,they stumbled upon Speedwell.They tried to talk him into going after London but Orme refused,saying it was dangerous and a lot of towns or cities(maybe even London) would try to eat Speedwell.Instead ,he gave them food and shelter(foronly a few days) after Tom gave his"seedy".Orme put drug in their food which knocked them out.It was revealed that Wreyland was planning to sell them as slaves to a slaving town in a trading cluster. Tom and Hester escaped and made a run for it to an airman's cafe where they met Anna Fang.Orme sent his relatives to recapture the latter. They were easily defeated and rumoured to be killed.Orme cornered Tom and Hester near the docks,and was almost killed by Hester if Tom did not intervene.He was last heard to be in a dock tower,trying to stop the Jenny Haniver from taking of. He failed and Tom and Hester made it to Airhaven.