The Out Country, Bare Earth or simply The Ground was a common description during the Second Traction Boom until the end of Municipal Darwinism of the land that Traction Cities roamed. Most tractionists that had lived on the deckplates of cities for generations believed that the Out Country was uninhabital to human life; however tens of thousands of outcasts and fugitives lived there, some even forming communities and maybe even building tiny traction towns or Scavenger Platforms, leading to their reputation as hives of scum and villainy.


The Out Country was scarred by track marks of various depths left by passing traction cities, and little to no vegetation grew due to this. The Second Traction Boom almost completely flattened what was once small hills after just a decade of city tractionism.

A few dozen companies capatalized on the difficult terrain, producing 'Pink's Screw-Propelled Mud

Wagon' and even 'mud shoes' (akin to snow shoes used for traversing snowy terrain). However, travelling the out country on foot was not impossible as demonstrated by Tom and Hester on their first adventure together.

Little to no vegetation grew in the Out Country,
Just rollin around

A fairly popular piece of fan art depicting the Out Country.

leading to the Anti-Traction League's ideal of a green and lush world - something tractionists disregarded for mineral wealth.

The only features - apart from larger mountains and steep hills - that rose above the relative flatness of Out Country were the remains of old static cities before they went traction and possibly ancient pre-war structures.

Locations With 'Out Country'Edit

Much of the tractionist world had 'out country' on land due to rolling cities. However, desert terrain was not referred to Out Country and instead was usually called a Dune Sea or Sand Sea, because a Dune Sea's characteristics were different to that of Out Country (a Dune Sea would be dry and constantly shifting).

Almost all of the Great Hunting Ground was composed of Out Country, and probably Nuevo Maya's jungles were reduced to muddy Out Country.

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