Panzerstadt-Bayreuth is a large Dutch-speaking conurbation  that appeared in Mortal Engines. It is bigger than London. Bayreuth is also a real city in northern Bavaria, Germany.

Panzerstadt-Bayreuth roamed the Great Hunting Ground looking for smaller cities and towns to devour. Recently after London has eaten several towns, Bayreuth appears in the distance and starts chasing it. London was in great danger of being eaten by the bigger city. As the Bayreuth gradually grew closer and closer to its prey, panicking and riots broke out in London. However, the mayor was pleased at the cities aproach.

One night, Magnus tells London that they will never have to worry about predator cities again. With that, MEDUSA rose from St Paul's Cathedral. A laser is fired from the superweapon and the predator is destroyed in a blast of pure energy. Most of London celebrates that they are safe from the bigger city, but Katherine and the historians are disgusted and horrified of the loss of life and historical artifacts.

Magnus Crome ordered Bayreuth to be destroyed to test MEDUSA 's power before heading on towards Batmunkh Gompa. An airship returned to London reporting that the tiers melted down onto each other, and that there was only a few survivors in the lower tiers.

Aparently it had a vast museum, and it upset the Historians when it was destroyed.

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