Paris is a French-speaking city referred to in both the Mortal Engines Quartet, where it is a traction city, and in the Fever Crumb series, where it is a rival to London that is rumoured to be preparing to mobilise.

History Edit

Sometime in the Traction Era prior to the events of Mortal Engines, Shrike served as an executioner aboard the city. He was much feared by the criminals, which gave him a dark reputation among them.

By the time of Predator's Gold (and presumably in the time of Mortal Engines as well), Paris is seen as an exotic and sophisticated tourist destination. Nimrod Pennyroyal wrote many of his books there.

Description Edit

Late Black Centuries Edit

Traction Era Edit

Paris uses copies of the Godshawk engines that London uses.

Aviators dock at the iron lattice docking tower, which is thought to be modelled on the Eiffel Tower.