The Raffia Hat Civilizations were a group of small towns and villages that resided in the 


Shown in The Traction Codex

marshes where the English Channel and North Sea used to be. They lived during the Black Centuries, and in order to shelter from acid rains and other such dangers they wore large raffia hats.

A few decades on they started to build larger and larger raffia hats from the reeds around the marshes. They started to build hats on their houses, and then constructed hats large enough to cover entire villages. Eventually, however, they died out because in their haste to make ever larger hats they ran out of the weeds they needed to build them.

They existed, thrived and died out hundreds of years before the early Traction Era.


  • This is possibly a reference or parody of the Easter Island cultures which built larger and larger giant stone heads until they ran out of resources and died out because of it.


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