Ruan and Fern were the son and daughter of Kit Solent. They lived in pre-traction London, but when their father was killed, they started living with Fever Crumb onboard The Lycieum, a theatre land ship that travelled Europe not long before the Second Traction Boom.

Early lifeEdit

Ruan was born first; then Fern. Soon after Fern was born, their mother died. Kit Solent, their father, carried on looking after them. Because of his archaelogical work around pre-traction London, he moved into an abandoned, previously Scriven owned mansion near the hotbed of archaelogical activity in London.

The children went to a small, private school above a bakery somewhere nearby; their teacher fled when The Movement arrived to invade London (she may have been a Movement spy; Ruan and Fern's childminder was one).

Travelling With Crumb and FateEdit

After their father died during The Movement's invasion of London, Ruan and Fern lived with Fever Crumb (who effectively adopted them) aboard a theatre land-ship that toured Europa. Ruan painted the backdrops, helped Fever Crumb with the electrics and occasionally did some acting.

Fern, meanwhile, did acting and costumes and seemed to be quite good at acting for her age (around seven at the time of A Web of Air).

After Fever Crumb left them aboard The Lycieum, it is currently not known what happened to them. Their later lives may be described in other books in the Fever Crumb series.

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