Scavenger-Platforms are small traction towns which are too small to eat other towns. Asides from static settlements, they are the lowest in the municipal food chain. Unlike most tractions towns and cities, Scavenger Platforms will not hunt or mine resources; they will, as their name implies, scavenge for goods and materials. Scavengers will often stay in the wake of a large city, stopping by at waste dumps left by the city, taking whatever is salvagable.

Life on these 'platforms' is described as being hard and dangerous. Often these plaforms are run by pirates and misfits, leading to an amount of disdain from 'proper' tractionists.

Notable Scavenger PlatformsEdit

  • Strole, the town where Shrike lived for some time during the Second Traction Boom and Hester spent the remainder of her childhood.

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