Up in the north, in Fever Crumb's time, beyond the Fuel Country, where the nomad empires roam with their herds of mammoth and reindeer and their ramshackle rolling castles, the last month of summer is known as the Scrivener's Moon.

This is the name of the third book in the Fever Crumb series. It was known as Fever Crumb 3 until the 18th of June 2010, when Philip Reeve announced the name on his blog. It was released in April 2011.

The book is about the season Scrivener's Moon, the season that Wavey Godshawk chooses to undertake an expedition to a mysterious Old Tech site which is supposed to be connected with the Scriven race.

The book in the Authors words:

"In some ways Scrivener's Moon is going to be a return to the scale and scope of the first four Mortal Engines books; there's an epic journey, a large cast of characters, and several interweaving storylines. There is a bit about the Scriven, a bit about the Sixty Minute War, and a lot about the nomad empires and the construction of the new London."


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