Speedwell is a town that appears in the first book of the Mortal Engines Quartet.

After Tom and Hester are thrown out of London, Speedwall comes and rescues them. Orme Wreyland, the mayor of Speedwell, says that recently even giant cities have turned around to chase them when in the past they would drive past them without giving a second glance. Tom and Hester are fed drugged soup that made them fall asleep. They are then looked in a room so that they could be sold as slaves the next day at the Trading Cluster. However Anna Fang rescues Tom and Hester, as she herself was once a slave. Several bodies are seen and Anna tells the two that the people were only knocked unconsious (Tom rethinks this when he discovers she is an Anti-Tractionist). The towns of the trading cluster fire missiles after them, but they escape anyway.

It is unknown what happened to Speedwell after that, though it is possible that it was eaten by London, as London came across a group of towns and ate them.