Stalker Birds (also known as Raptors) are birds that have been stalkerised. They have the typical stalker eyes and instead of a beak they have a deadly sharp blade. They appear in Predator's Gold, Infernal Devices and A Darkling Plain.

They were first invented by the Green Storm at Rouge's Roost. They said that the original creators of stalkers wern't that original as to just using humans, and that the Green Storm would use animals and birds instead of just humans. When Tom Natsworthy tried to get inside to rescue Hester the birds attacked him. He still bore the scratches from their attack for years to come.

During the Green Storm War, stalker birds where used by Stalker Fang to spy on the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft. One of them spied the Tin Book at Brighton and goes back to the Green Storm base where it prints out a machine code. The Green Storm then decide to attack Brighton and retrieve the Tin Book. The stalker bird returns to make sure that nobody takes the Tin Book away in the meantime. When Mr Plovery tries to steal the Tin Book, the stalker bird kills him. As the stalker bird is unnown to the rest of Brighton, his death is blamed on the Pennyroyal security system. Later when Wren and Theo come for the Tin Book, the bird attacks them as well. However they kill it. The Stalker Birds are used in the Battle of Brighton to deal with enemy air units. When Nabisco Shkin tries to escape the Raft City on a air yaht the stalker birds attack him. He yells throught the radio that he is neutrel, but nobody hears him as there are too many other broadcasts. The stalker birds break into the cabin and attack him. He screams as the birds attack him and as he falls to his death.

When Oneone Zero is rescued from slave dealers, the stalker birds come to help escort the Jenny Haniver safely away. Stalker birds occationally fly over the wreak of London, allowing for the sport of Mollyhawking. When a stalker bird flies over Londons ruined engine, a Sprite leaps up and destroys it. When the Green Storm suspect London of controlling ODIN, stalker birds are sent to attack the Londoners. The birds are shot down with anti-stalker guns. When she is at Popjoys house, the Stalker Fang takes control of several stalker birds. The same stalker birds later attack the Jenny Haviner, causing it to crash. A stalkerized conder and Shrike fell off the airship in a fight.