Stayns is a traction town with a trading-based economy. It appears in Mortal Engines.


Mortal EnginesEdit

Stayns was first introduced as the market town Speedwell parked next to while participating in a trading cluster on the Great Hunting Ground. Sometime prior to the arrival of Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw, aviator Anna Fang docked her ship, the Jenny Haniver, at Quay Six of the town's air-harbour.

Tom and Hester boarded Stayns later after escaping from the clutches of Speedwell mayor Orme Wreyland, who hoped to sell the pair as slaves. At the air-harbour, Tom and Hester attempted to book passage to London but were informed that none of Stayns' air-merchants had licences to dock there. Fang offered them a lift to Airhaven instead and aided the two in getting away from Wreyland and his men for good. While Tom and Hester headed to the Jenny Haniver, she incapacitated Wreyland's entire crew. Fang undocked her ship against the orders of the Stayns Harbour Board to turn over her passengers and the trio left Stayns far behind.

It is unknown what happened to Stayns beyond this point.


Stayns is larger than Speedwell[1].


Stayns has at least two decks, the entrance being located on the bottom deck. When the town participates in trading clusters, the entrance is unguarded and brightly lit. There is a market square lined with slave cages as Stayns participates in the slave trade, and there is a shrine to Peripatetia, the goddess of wandering towns. On the top deck is an air-harbour, the front of the deck containing a raised section that acts as a quay. It has at least six bays. Each bay has magnetic docking clamps. Bolted to the deck is an old airship gondola repurposed as an airman's cafe where prospective passengers can book flights. There is a radio station belonging to the Stayns Harbour Board.[1]


  • Air-harbour
  • Unnamed airman's cafe
  • Shrine to Peripatetia
  • Market square


  • Stayns Harbour Board

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