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Presumably the Third Traction Boom



Stayns is a Traction Market Town which appears in Mortal Engines. Anna Fang had apparently been there for some time, and she had kept the Jenny Haniver docked at its air-harbor during that time.

When Orme Wreyland captured Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw in his town Speedwell, he took them to a Trading Cluster which included the market town of Stayns. When Tom and Hester escaped Speedwell, they jumped aboard the town Stayns. Tom and Hester went inside its air-harbor office to book passage for an airship to London, but were told by the man working at the counter that Stayns's airships didn't have a license to London's Guild of Merchants. Anna Fang said she would help them, and took Tom and Hester to her airship, the Jenny Haniver, helping them escape Wreyland and his men.

It is unknown what happened to Stayns after that.

It may be based on a small town just outside modern day London, called 'Stains-upon-Thames'.