Stilton Kael
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1025, TE

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Predator's Gold
Infernal Devices

Stilton Kael, more commonly known as Uncle, is a recurring character in the original Mortal Engines Quartet. He appeared in both Predator's Gold and Infernal Devices. He spent much of his life in Grimsby as founder and leader of the Lost Boys, however an early part of his life was spent in Arkangel.


Stilton Kael was born in Arkangel and lived there for much of his youth and young adulthood. When Anna Fang was taken as a slave to work in a junkyard, he fell in love with her. However Anna Fang only pretended to return the love while she secretly built her airship the Jenny Haniver using parts from his junkyard. When Anna Fang escaped, Stilton Kael was blamed and was said to have let her go. He was exiled from the city into the ice wastes. However, he  joined a group of Snowmad scavengers who were bringing salvage from the wreck of Grimsby. After he killed them all, he stole the Naglfar, their spacious cargo submarine, using it to claim Grimsby for himself, make it habitable, and set up the Lost boys. 


Uncle is described to be a small man in a dressing gown with bunny-rabbit slippers. Though this may appear innocent, the inside of the slippers are capped with steel. He wore half-moon spectacles, and five-cornered hat.


Uncle's death is described in Infernal devices, and occurs when Uncle is an old man. When Hester , Tom, Caul and Freya arrive at Grimsby to rescue Wren , they are captured by Uncle, as a result of Caul's betrayal. Uncle had made a portable group of screens that were tied to a balloon, so he could see his Lost Boys wherever he was. Uncle was convinced that the damaged Grimsby would be able to be remade, but Hester, Tom and Freya disagreed. When Freya tried to persuade Uncle to come back to the surface again, he suspected a trick, and shot Freya's face on the screen. However, in doing so, Uncle punctures the balloon holding his screens up, and is crushed beneath his own monitors.