The Supercollider is a steam-driven warship used by The Movement at the dawn of the Traction Era. It appears briefly in A Web of Air.

Appearance & History Edit

The ship is a trimaran, with three hulls linked together with thick struts and gantries. It is armored in steel, and carries a compliment of heavy cannon. The central hull of the ship extends out into an enormous ram capable of destroying most enemy vessels. The outer hulls are equipped with paddlewheels which allow the ship to move quickly.

Nicola Quercus had the ship built to protect his new trade routes among the cities at World's End, and in the pirate-infested waters of the North. Wavey Godshawk sails the ship to Mayda to retrieve Fever Crumb.

The ship's eventual fate is unknown, but it is likely that its guns were taken off and placed on the upper tiers of London to better protect it against the Nomad Empires.