The Flying Ferrets were a Mercenary Airforce that existed towards the end of tractionism, around 1000 TE. They did well in the Green Storm War, defending traction cities. They were led by Orla Twombley, who was at one point a love interest of Nimrod Pennyroyal.


Unlike all air fleets - whether mercenary, pirate or military - the Flying Ferrets specialized in heavier-than-air (HTA) flight which was, for thousands of years after the Sixty Minute War, thought impossible.

Their aircraft were described as being ungainly, often appearing the tumble through the air. However, they were extremely effective against large airships, as they could out-manoeuver guns with their speed and erratic flight patterns.

The aircraft were shot into the air via a catapult mechanism and landed on a runway.

It is not known whether the Flying Ferrets started out with airships or simply founded themselves on the concept of HTA flight.


The Flying Ferrets were especially busy during the Green Storm War, as demand for protection against Green Storm attacks appeared on the market. They defended various famous cities, most notably Brighton and even Manchester.

There was tight competition for contractual work; various other Mercenary Airforces which utilized HTA flight existed, such as the Junkyard Angles and the Flying Circus.