The Haunted Sky is a cancelled comic set in the World of Mortal Engines. It was being written by Philip Reeve and David Wyatt. It was not published, as it would be expensive for a publishing venue. It was set before the events of Mortal Engines and is set to star a young Anna Fang. According to David Wyatt it had ninety pages. The first five pages were previewed on David Wyatt's blogspot.


At the beginning, a bounty hunter watches several traction cities chase each other from his airship. He states that he doesn't have to worry about being chased by cities, and that the only thing he has to chase is people. He is holding a piece of paper saying that Anna Fang is wanted for the theft of money and airship parts in the ice city of Arkangel.

Meanwhile, Perfume Harbour is sailing across the ocean to prepare for an airship race, and that aviators form around the world would gather in Sydney to prepare. A serving boy gives Anna Fang a fortune cookie. Anna Fang is confused, as she never ordered one. However inside is a warning that people are coming for her.


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