The Illustrated World of Mortal Engines is a guide to the world of the Traction Era, expanding on the Traction Codex. Written by Philip Reeve and Jeremy Levett and designed by Jamie Gregory, it will feature illustrations from a variety of artists. Ian McQue and David Wyatt have both also designed covers for the Mortal Engines series. Other featured artists are Amir Zand, Rob Turpin, Aedel Fahkrie, Philip Varbanov and Maxime Plasse.

According to Jeremy,

It’s much bigger and longer than the original Codex and will be fully illustrated, and gave us a chance to explore huge areas of the world that were previously unknown and answer all those questions that needed it. For instance, what’s really up with those Nuevo-Mayan ziggurat cities? What happened to the Sydney Opera House? How did anyone catch up to London once this whole moving cities nonsense started? What’s the single silliest idea for a traction city we can come up with? (Vyborg, Panjandrum and Borsanski-Novi are all vying for that top spot.) And so on...
It will be published by Scholastic in November 2018.[1]

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